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Thriver is developing a suite of educational games diligently designed to help kids learn and grow. Thriver apps exceed by utilizing modern technology, simple and clean design, data analytics to track progress, and gamification that keeps kids wanting to learn more.

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Apps you can trust

Thriver is dedicated to building meaningful experiences that encourages growth within a safe environment. Our apps will never include ads or infringe on user’s privacy.

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Thriver Flashcards

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Thriver Flashcards is a fun and simple way to help toddlers learn fundamental concepts like the alphabet, numbers, planets, animals, and much more! Currently there are 14 flashcard decks, 267 individual flashcards, and 19 stickers - with more being added all the time. Packed with features to help track and encourage learning Thriver Flashcards is without doubt the best way to learn the fundamentals.

Features above the rest

Analyze success

Thriver apps intelligently provides data analytics useful for tracking progress and determining where your kid is struggling - which is useful for tailoring lessons to support specific deficiencies.

Immersive & rewarding

Learning is rewarded with points that can be spent on cool upgrades. The more your kid plays, the more they will learn, and by unlocking app upgrades they will feel accomplished for learning.

Modern technology

Built using modern technologies, our apps work on most iOS, iPadOS, & Android devices. Utilizing real-time cloud technology your data & subscription statuses are synced between all your devices.

Safe, secure, and private

Thriver apps are designed to be a safe environment where kids can focus on learning. Our apps will never include ads or inappropriate content of any kind. Thriver also vows to never infringe on user’s privacy.


I was searching for a way to teach my son his ABCs when I found Thriver Flashcards. Using the analytics I could see the letters he was getting wrong most and focus on those. In less than a week my son was getting 100% every time!

Kolby Sisk

Software Engineer

Father of 2

Only flashcards app with a “shuffle” feature. Now I know my son is learning the actual letters and not just memorizing the ABC song. Great App.

Drew Bolles

Founder of

Father of 1

The Flashcards app is so simple yet so effective. Flashcards are a proven way to learn, but earning points and spending them in the store keeps the kids wanting to play and learn more.

Terri Starnes


Mother of 3


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